house repairs and blog neglect

I don’t know what to blame for my lack of blogging interest these last few days, but among other factors, I have been on another ebay binge. Close to seventy-five bucks later, I have won about 7 or 8 auctions in the last two or three days. Part of my interest began when I started looking to hook all the game systems up properly once and for all. I am waiting for another n64 connector cable (to fit into the Super Nintendo Multi-Out port) and I will have all the systems but two hooked up and ready to play at the push of a button. (The two are the Sega Genesis, and the old Nintendo, which is mostly for show anyway, but I would like to get them ready to play instantly in those fleeting nostalgic moments. Unfortunately, we don’t have shelf space for the Genesis. It might also be time to re-arrange the shelves.)

I also purchased extension cables for our PS2, so we won’t have to keep it permanently on the living room floor.

Oh! And I discovered that there is a version of Chessmaster just released for PS2! I hope that arrives soon!

Laura’s collection of “All the Kirby games ever released!” is also near completion.

On Saturday afternoon Laura and I hit the tiny Renaissance festival being held about an hour away in Elk River. My brother has been juggling there with a good friend of ours and I was pleasantly surprised by how well their routine has come together.

On the way home we stopped at Menards and picked up the piece I needed to fix the bathroom sink. I am a home repair Guru now!

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  1. I am the one to blame that Marty is once again hooked on eBay. I figured out eBay would be the best way to get the last 3 games I need to finish my collection and of course I had to have Marty help me. But now that we found those games with the original boxes, I have to make the rest of my collection complete with all the original boxes. I guess that means more eBay…

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