how I read blogs

I read blogs mostly at work. You know, in the five minutes here and there–between projects, between bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, games of chess. Yeah, ok, so it’s just one of the many ways I procrastinate at work. I’ve stopped reading them at home almost entirely. I can’t remember the last time I had a late-night session with my laptop and fifty blog-tabs open. (OK, it wasn’t that long ago that I can’t remember it, but I can’t remember when it happened.)

There are blogs I read regularly, some I read semi-regularly, and then there are the rest. To be honest, I only read 4 or 5 blogs more than once a week. But, as you can see if you’ve looked at the list of blogs I read (a category in my bookmarks), there are quite a few that I think are decent. That is to say, there are a lot of them that I’ve read more than once, and found interesting more than once. (I don’t add them to the list the first time I read ’em.)

I almost never shut down my computer at work. So most of the time when I find a blog I have enjoyed, I leave the tab open to come back to it later. Then when I come back to that particular tab, a day or two later, I hit refresh, and read the new posts. In the last couple of days I’ve added a few more to the list. I will never read that list on any regular basis. There’s just too many good blogs out there… but occasionally, I spend an hour or two going back through some of the blogs I’ve linked, reading the latest stuff, finding out what people are doing, what technologies are hot, what blogs are still going strong.

Well, aside from slow blog updates, here’s the skinny: It rained hard last night, and my roof still leaks. I’m starting to get all the ebay items I ordered last weekend in the mail. I also had a gameboy player on pre-order, and Laura was kind enough to pick it up for me last night. I’m on page 55 of the new Harry Potter book, even though I don’t own a copy. I have been gaga over the new G5s announced over at apple, and will be installing Safari 1.0 later today. I’m swamped at work. I’m double booked for tonight’s evening of fun and entertainment, and will probably have to call Merlin to cancel.

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