speaking of cashola

Last night I saw a guy riding one of these Trikke thingies. This looks almost as fun as riding a segway, and I can find them for only $150 on ebay! (now if only I had some spare cashola.)

Speaking of cashola, I was caller #6 (of 7) this morning for tickets to see the Love Cars this Thursday at the Triple Rock. It burrrrrns, it buuuuurrrrrrrns!!!

And tonight the eels are at 1st ave. Tix are only $15 at the door… I will beg borrow or steal my way into this show. I believe MC Honky will be opening for them.

4 Responses to “speaking of cashola”

  1. 1 laura

    do I get to go with you on thursday? after all I did buy you a ticket for tonight’s MC Honky and Eels performance.

  2. 2 grid

    Only caller #7 actually gets the tickets. So sure, you can go with me, if you buy me some tix for that one too! ;)

  3. 3 Anonymous

    Saw the Eels a few weeks ago in Amsterdam. I’m afraid “I like their old stuff better”. Good show, but too short. The show the night before in Rotterdam went on until people actually started leaving due to tiredness.

  4. 4 grid

    Yeah, last night they did 5 encores before Laura and I left at midnight. And the curtain hadn’t fallen yet, which meant they’d probably have been back out if we waited!

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