Nothing to say.

Why is it that whenever I think about how I haven’t updated my blog in awhile, my mind immediately goes blank? In lue of any actual topic to post about, I will now spout several random thoughts:

* Right now, I am sucking on a piece of hard Tamarind flavored candy.

* It is relatively difficult to track down the spelling of the phrase “in lue of”.

* Laura has a relatively new blog. I think we’re through pretending that I don’t read it. I like the design of her old blog much better.

* She and I are members of TCUC, the largest unicycle club in the world, and next week we’ll be at a national Unicycling convention. (Wednesday night we unicycled in the Minneapolis Aquatennial’s Torchlight Parade. I didn’t juggle torches because I didn’t think there were enough to go around, but it turns out several people had some extras in their cars.)

* I am currently reading A Brave New World, which I realized recently was sorely lacking from my education. It is both a classic, and science fiction! So far it is damn good, even though there hasn’t been much plot.

* I told Jason on monday that I was going to post about how he is the inspiration for many unattributed links in my blog entries. (He is!)

* Yesterday, for a work “party” I sat in a dunk tank. I also rang the “strong man bell” 5 for 5 (It must have been set on a “whimpy” setting.) I also mentioned to a co-worker this guy I know named Tiny who runs the strong man bell thingy out at ren-fest.

* Last night I fixed a problem with my driver’s side car window where it wouldn’t roll back up. Turns out some bolts had just randomly unbolted themselves.

* My Tamarind candy is now gone.

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  1. Hi Marty!

    A quick definition:

    “in lieu of” – English language legal phrase from the Norman or later French, meaning “in place of, instead of”. Archaic, technical term.

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