itchy red eyes, wide open

Sunday was the first day of the family reunion. A bunch of my dad’s side of the family rented a cabin about 2 hours out of the city, on a lake. My dad recently picked up another 14′ sailboat, so we had both of them out, to see if either seemed faster than the other… it was fun. They both ended up performing about the same. Unfortunately, the wind was pretty sporadic all day, and I never felt like we were really flying like you sometimes do on a sailboat.

The whole day I had been sniffling and itching my eyes and sinuses (upper mouth, with my tongue, which was raw by the end of the day) because of some kind of allergic reaction I had while swimming in a lake the day before. Last night I made the stupid mistake of going back to the same lake, and now I feel miserable all over again. I had actually thought the first allergic reaction was more from having water up my nose than anything else, but I guess that’s not the case, as last night I was very careful not to get any up my nose.

Now I don’t know if I should avoid lakes entirely, or if it was just that one. I guess I didn’t have the same reaction the time I swam in lake Calhoun earlier this year, but that could just mean that it’s something relatively recently developed in the water, I have no idea.

Of course, I am doubly frustrated because this is the one lake that’s perfect for skinny dipping. (And of course that’s what I was doing both times.) Lets hope I feel better by the end of the day today. Grrr.

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