the skinny

OK, while I’m ignoring my uninvited houseguests I decided I’d clue in all my readers as to the excitement that’s been happening in my life since last weekend.

(Latest quote from AJ’s mom, talking about the pair of female panties she found in AJ’s bedroom: somene else in the room asked, “What’d she wear home?” to which AJ’s mom replied, “Fingerprints.”)

So… yeah, I met this girl… (who has been commenting on one of my latest posts). It’s been good. I think we have a lot in common. I’ve seen her nearly every day since last saturday. We’ve even hung out together with laura some, especially last night, when a car-load of us went to the “I Marveled at Mars” viewing in Loring park (at 4:00AM). After seeing the red planet (my namesake) larger than the naked eye (but not really all that much larger,) we came back and all of us fell asleep in bed together.

Right now she’s been drinking, in my living room, with the other guests… invited and uninvited. She’s also cuddling with my brother, and I don’t really know what to think about that. I’m affraid I may have sent her some eye-daggers about it.

Lets see… what else?

AJ’s mom has left. More on the girl with the beautiful eyes… later.

update: entry changed slightly to more accurately depict the underwear story.

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  1. eye daggers…perhaps not. just imploring looks. don’t read into anything that occurs while drinking. or at least not this time. there is more to say, but not now.

  2. how does this not make laura jealous? i’ve told you before i’m totally intrigued at this open relationship concept because it’s so utterly foreign to me. i can’t imagine not feeling threatened, i guess…

    anyway, i enjoy hearing your stories. it’s a new perspective on things for me.

  3. grid, remember how you always say the best blogs are ones with a focus? You should totally start an open relationship blog. it would be interesting, methinks. you and laura could both post to it. just a thought.

  4. irish girl. i totally agree. that would rock. however, marty sometimes has problems focusing :P sorry, dear.

  5. i-g: That is really not a bad idea at all! It would be fun to get other people in open relationships to post about their trials and tribulations. People could post stories of their best experiences (and worst, I suppose)… Anyway, that would be super fun!

    e: it’s really only when you’re around that I have problems focusing.

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