more comedian blogs, please!

I discovered over at me-fi this morning that Margaret Cho has taken up blogging. Her entries are long and, as you’d imagine, intelligent and interesting.

This led me on a hunt for other comedian-slash-bloggers. I remembered that Maria Bamford had updates on her site the last time I was there, but it took me a while to hunt her down again as I couldn’t remember her name right away. I could have sworn I blogged about her before, as I thought I had mentioned the hilarity of her anecdotes about her pug named Blossom, but I guess not.

It feels like surfing for comedians who also blog could be a full time job. Some part of me would like to actually click through all the comedians in Comedy Central’s list. I found Doug Stanhope’s blog that way, but it could get pretty tedious.

Eventually, I asked myself the question “Does Dave Barry count?” He’s a comedic writer, so no, I don’t think he does. That means we’re really looking for stand-up comics who also have blogs.

So while surfing for lists of celebrity blog links, I found Neil Gaiman has had a blog since 2001 (he started the month before I did). I haven’t read much of it yet, as it didn’t seem that exciting, but it sort of softens the blow that was left when I found out William Gibson decided to close up shop at his blog.

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