living by the numbers

Mortgage due on the first, no late fees if paid by the fifteenth. I was one hour late for work today after spending an extra ten dollars to pay it online. I got there at eleven. That means I work till seven. Tonight I’ll probably stay up till one in the morning, when Laura gets home, playing Morrowind. Nate bought the second matrix movie yesterday, maybe I’ll watch that with Travis when he calls me around eight, which is only one hour from now.

Found out today I’ve only used eight of my ten vacation days this year. I should have had fifteen with the old company, but I guess I’m not complaining. I still have two left!

I’m feeling a bit sick again. If I am, that’ll be the third time in four weeks. Maybe it’s because I french kissed at least five people at Jason’s party, four nights ago (last Saturday). We were playing Tru-Dare, this weird adult-themed chutes and ladders type game. I played it at least four times that I remember, and I was up till sixthirty in the morning. This left me with only about two and a half hours to sleep. Still, I think it was a good time, and I’d give it four stars, or two thumbs up.

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