mid-week frustrations

Last night’s writing didn’t go so well. I guess I was “distracted” by laura when I got home, and then I HAD to pay bills, (seriously) so by the time I was “free” for the evening, it was already after 11:00.

Three days in a row I’ve tried to finish the previous day’s writing in the morning when I get up. This morning was the worst. Not only was my brain as foggy as it is most mornings, but words seemed foggier still. Yesterday’s word count was only 1249 total. I think I had 800 last night, and that means I did about 450 in a half-hour this morning. That’s still pretty good, but maybe I had more than that from yesterday, I’m not sure.

I guess it’s not the worst day’s total I’ve had. (I put up a link to a list with each day’s total from the novel page itself.)

My plot is not really working itself out as I’d hoped. I wrote in a “bad guy”, but now suddenly “the corporation” is becoming the bad guy. So where does that leave my other bad guy? It’s like one plot line wants to be this huge society-wide conflict, while another plot line wants to just be some kind of murder mystery set in outer space. I know it’s early yet, I’ve still got about twenty-one thousand words to go, but I have to try and tie them all up together somehow. *sigh*

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  1. Remember, 50,000 is just the minimum for 30-11-03. You could just turn in that amount, then add more to tie it all together and edit it. Or is that cheating?

  2. nope, that’s perfectly acceptable. So what you’re saying is that I should just not worry about it. And I shouldn’t. But I can’t not worry about it. I want it to be good, even though I know it’s crap on so many levels. :P

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