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I got to work this morning and listened to a four minute long voicemail from someone’s pocket. Nobody was speaking directly into the phone, but there was definitely an animated conversation happening on the other end. I kept hearing bits and snippets from cleches… “absence makes the heart grow fonder” was said at least once, followed by a few others. Of course, everything was muffled behind a constant fabric-friction sound. The caller must have been moving or something. The weird question for me is, who has my work number programmed into their phone?

I spent about twenty minutes copying numbers from Nate’s phone to my new phone yesterday. Thanks to those of you who have already sent me your #s!

Apparently irish-girl and Jeremy also have new nokia3650s! It’s some kind of camera phone revolution!

I still haven’t decided whether I want to sign up for textamerica.com yet or not. If you look at their fine print (terms and conditions) they own everything you upload to their server. Your images are their property. Yes, I know, what’re they going to do with them other than display them like they’re saying, but it’s the principal of the thing.

I’m starting to think a better solution will be for me to just upload a few select photos to my own site via my laptop once or twice a week. I know it’s not all automated then… and certainly not “instant”, but I might be able to write (or steal) some kind of script that grabs them from an email account instead. Anyway, bandwidth is still extremely pricy from AT&T, so an option that doesn’t use it is probably more practical.

Now I want to try out all the web browsers my phone can handle… but for that I have to have some kind of computer with Bluetooth, so I think a trip to best buy CompUSA may be in order over my lunch break today. There are these little USB Bluetooth adapters you can get for $40 or $50 bucks.

Hmmmm… my trip to compUSA may be getting expensive. A post over at mobilewhack has me really wanting one of the palm IR keyboards. Screw my laptop, this is the future, baby!

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  1. Even though I’ve decided to wait to get a new phone so I can call from anywhere while on my trip (the new system those phones are on are only available in major cities), I’m thinking I want the same phone you got too…

  2. hehe… i bet that was Wilson on that mysterious conversation you mentioned. He used to do the same thing to me ;) apparently his memory dialer is easily activated when the phone is in his pocket. considering that both of our last names start with G, you probably will be on his random calling list as well… ;)))

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