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After discovering all these funny rants over at the ferret’s domain this morning, I started thinking about how not-funny I am, and I felt pretty lowly all day. I don’t know why, but I just felt depressed and glum. (But you should read his stuff, it’s very funny.)

In the last hour, I have managed to get a little excited about starting up my very own moblog on textamerica. I finally decided to do it after finding that Jeremy worked some at setting up his own, and decided to go with textamerica instead. (I just wasn’t sure how much effort I wanted to put into it, and decided that if someone else has already tried, I’m just gonna take the easy route for now.) I also found out some more about how it works, and they have some pretty cool features.

(btw, I just sent my first pics in, so we’ll see how long it takes for them to actually arrive.)

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  1. That’s the thing about the internet; it can sometimes make it painfully clear how many people are better than you in pretty much any endeavor you have.

    Lately, I’ve comforted myself with the thought that there’s nothing wrong with just aspiring to be a big fish in your own little pond. Even if there’s no acclaim, our personal endeavors and interests are the ones we have and we should try to have no shame in pursuing them to the best of our ability.

  2. Hey, I love the pictures of me!! ha ha! wow, i sound self centered now… but you should put a link to the thing on the left. :)

    miss you poopsie!

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