riding the I-have-nothing-to-blog-about whale

I have had dozens of ideas for entries the past couple of days, but a combination of illness and busy-ness has kept me away from blogging.

(You’ll notice it hasn’t kept me from moblogging!)

The busy-ness was mostly at work. I tend to squeeze out entries when I need a break from my projects, or when I have some downtime, and since wednesday, it feels like I just haven’t had time to even take a break, much less think about blogging. I was basically shoved onto this project that someone else had been working on, (they left on vacation). Without ever having worked on the project before, or even seen the specs or anything more than a quick glance over the person’s shoulder, I had to finish the project, clean up all these bugs in the site, and fill in a relatively large amount of previously untouched static content… for launch on friday. No problem!

The illness has been odd. I didn’t really feel sick until yesterday. But the whole week my voice has been in and out of “audible” levels. (I want to make some kind of neat comparison between my RL silence and my blog silence here, but a better way to do so is failing me.)

Last time I was sick (yes, maybe two weeks ago now?) someone made a comment like “aren’t you sick an awful lot?” And I responded, (or wanted to respond–can’t remember which) with a vehement “No!” I don’t feel like I’m sick all the time… but I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I am. I do have an (unhealthy?) aversion to going in to the doctor. (Mostly because they hardly ever seem to do anything more than prescribe antibiotics and/or tell you there’s nothing you can do but wait-it-out.)

Laura is back in town. I feel like I’ve had more people ask me why she was back so early than there are people I told she was going to be gone for a month… but we’ve probably explained to everyone by now (who cares) that her cheepo train deal didn’t work out because vancouver isn’t considered a part of canada to the train ticket folks. I was very glad to see her, and we’ve only had a smidgen of the at-each-other’s-throats crabbiness that we were experiencing so often last month. It was tonight, and I hope it was just that I had a shitty day at work.

Jason accompanied us to unicycling; just long enough for me to play a couple of seven-minute games of hockey, and then we all ate sushi a few blocks away at Taiko–this tiny hole-in-a-strip-mall sushi bar that has excellent sushi, even if the wasabi didn’t seem very authentic (or good) this time.

After Taiko, we came back to our place and watched Whale Rider. It was a good movie, but I teased laura that it didn’t have enough special effects. I would like to have seen more of the father’s plotline in the movie. I felt a little like there were some story elements missing from the finished product. Or maybe I just felt a little let down plot wise. But overall, an excellent movie.

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  1. Missed you at Ground Zero last night! It’s too bad, Julie was asking about you. She was REALLY drunk and open to suggestion…

    Get well soon!

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