a couple of interesting blog-related links

I have no idea if these are new, but they’re new to me.

The first is an idea that I’ll bet lots of people have had over the last few years… I remember wanting to do it about six months ago, but never making any motions toward it. Then I ran into this post on dive into mark where he mentions Bloglines. It’s a free web based RSS aggregator. I intend to sign up the very next time I’m bored and reading.

The second is the world as a blog. This neato flash map shows blogs as they’re updated all over the world. This site almost inspired me to add GeoTags to my site before I decided that was too much information. I suppose I could add generic tags for my city or my zip code or something, but that just doesn’t seem quite as fun.

Right now, it’s light on the other side of the world, but the world as a blog is picking up far more blog updates in the US than in eastern Europe, Australia and Africa. I wonder how accurate it is.