juggling in the brain

So today jasonj forwarded me an interesting article on how juggling is good for your brain. It’s crazy stuff, that greymatter.

“Human brains probably must be viewed as dynamic, changing with development and normal learning.” ~ Arne May, of the University of Regensburg in Germany

This got me thinking about the concept of our dynamic brains, and wondering about Einstein’s brain. I mean, was it all misshapen when he was born? Or did it change as he spent years thinking about math and science all the time?

I wonder about what parts of my brain are over (or under) developed?

Of course, the email’s subject was “we’re smarter”, and DrBombay posted about how we’ll soon take over the world. This reminded me of last night when I was wondering when they’ll release seasons of the Animaniacs on DVD so I can watch all the episodes of Pinky and the Brain. (I love that show!)

While I’m posting interesting links… today is the birthday of poet Howard Moss, (according to the writer’s almanac). When I went searching around for him, I found this awesome poem by Erica Jong called For Howard Moss. I’ve never really liked long poems, but sometimes (very rarely) when they’re split up into shorter sections like this you can find a good one.

On the subject of interesting links… I’ve just about decided that I want to adopt a format similar to Jason kottke’s in that he has links scattered in among his posts. I don’t, however, want to use the same implementation he uses. (Follow the link for details on his convoluted homepage.) I’m not sure what the best way is yet to achieve what I want to do, but I only need two types of data intermingled, not five, so I feel that there has to be a perfectly easy way to do it. In fact, an idea just came to me that involves using an entry’s “category” to select a CSS style that controls formatting of the post… hmm. Maybe I’ll work on that soon!

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  1. Zoink, we where just talking about Pinky and the Brain yesterday too. Mostly we were trying to figure out how long it’s been since we’ve actually seen an episode.

    It’s probably been 10 years, which is really scary.

  2. Yay, now when someone tells me to stop wasting time juggling I can just tell them I’m increasing my grey matter.

    Hurrah for science.

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