resignation celebration

So I’m excited to blab about this–now that it’s all official and stuff–I start a new job in 2 weeks! It’s going to be great. I’m super excited.

I put my letter of resignation (cowardly according to Jason) on my bosses desk before I left last night, along with sending an email to everyone I work with. The response has been surprisingly positive. (As in, “good luck!” and “best wishes” rather than “good riddance”.) For instance, I just had an extremely satisfying conversation with my boss, who I don’t really deal with on any sort of regular basis, but who I gather has some amount of respect for me and the work I do.

Last night we had an impromptu party in celebration. Tom brought the booze, (which only he, laura and I really consumed). Then we fixed the other Tom’s laptop (installed some drivers for his new keychain-drive) before playing a round of Guillotine, which I felt was a blast.

I think there will be an official party in the works… probably on Friday the 13th! (Black cats and all!)

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  1. Hurrah!

    But – you do realize that the U.S. is far, far lagging in the Per Capita Booze Consumption Competition? We must take up our fallen mantle of glory! (19th Century Americans were honored lushes). You should really insist that more than just you, Tom and Laura drink booze at the official party.

  2. I plan to drink on the 13th for my hommie. Then I might pour some out for my fallen homies….then clean it up before Laura yells at me…

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