getting postal

I get emails about twice a month begging for Tattle Tale’s song Glass Vase Cello Case. (I come up 4th in a google search for that song, don’t ask me why.) It is attest to my idiosyncrasies that I sometimes reply right away, and sometimes not. This morning I had two of them in my inbox, quite polite ones at that.

I started to feel guilty sending out the mp3, despite the fact that it is near impossible to get a hold of a physical copy of the Tattle Tale, Sew True CD itself. I looked briefly (in vain) for Jen Wood’s email address to ask her permission. In my searches, I discovered that she is part of one of my newest favorite bands, The Postal Service.

A few nights ago, I burned my sister a cd full of songs that would possibly make good unicycling “routine” music. She chose the first track from Give Up. I will be hearing quite-possibly too much of that great track in the coming months.

I discovered the Postal Service when I was obsessed with lists of people’s 2003 favorites. It felt like everybody had them on their lists. So I downloaded the CD, and it’s now on my list to buy when I have money again. Here’s the list:

Crystal Method: Legion of Boom
Postal Service: Give Up
Stereolab: Margerine Eclipse
Trans AM: Liberation

4 Replies to “getting postal”

  1. Oh my…I LOVE The Postal Service. Definitely one of my favorites of 2003 – and the lead singer is also the guy from Death Cab for Cutie – so I got to discover them, too. (I know, they’ve been around forever, I’m so not cool).

  2. i love the postal service as well. i discovered them because i love death cab. as for your other “to buys”, haven’t heard any trans am, but crystal method and stereolab pretty much are amazing. stereolab is going to be at the coachella festival this year, along with radiohead, the pixies, death cab, the cure, flaming lips, fuck, i could go on forever. anyway. glad to hear that you are finding some good new music, always makes a day better, eh?

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