miracles of coincidence

Today, reading pete’s new blog, I found his link to Dom’s moblog. It was a moment very much like another moment not that long ago, when I realized that a close friend of mine from high school’s husband was in the band Volante. A band I even mentioned here, back when I picked up their remix CD at cheepo. Anyway, I think theyÂ’re married now. We very much lost touch for many years.

Dom and Pete are friends from high school too, so it’s all one big startling blur of really. Past acquaintances blown up into new blogs, or band members, or band members wives, or whatever. A giant smorgasbord of reality’s small-world syndrome packed tightly into brain-memory bubbles.

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  1. Very much lost touch? Harumph. Not like you couldn’t email me whenever you wanted. ;)

    Or were you talking about that OTHER friend from high school who’s husband is in the band Volante.

    Christ. Friggin groupies.

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