games, bloody games…

Tonight marked the second day of my subscription to the Blockbuster games freedom pass; and my second game rented–two games in as many days. Fun stuff. I’m aiming for more than 30 games in a month. If they were all x-box games, I’d have 30 new games to play. (Thank you modded x-box!) But I seriously doubt there are that many games that I want to “keep” for that system. I can think of another five, and that might stretch to ten if we include games I’m not excited about, but might find fun to play every once in awhile.

Tonight we rented Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. So far it’s pretty fun. I like the way they implemented profiles, and there’s a lot of stuff to unlock. Having three stances or fighting types for each character is pretty cool too. Some of the combos are really hard. I’ve never really been all that good at those fighting types of games.

Now if only I could somehow keep myself from staying up till 3am playing…

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  1. Are you aware if the PS2 can be modded in a similar fashion? I’d love it if it were.

  2. I haven’t personally read or seen anything about a simmilar ps2 mod… so far it seems like all the ps2 mods involve playing burned “backup” coppies of games. But the ps2 hard drive is coming out with Final Fantasy XI, so it shouldn’t be too far down the road before you can play them off the HD.

  3. I need to spend more time playing games. Maybe if I syphoned some of your time I would play more and you would go to bed earlier…

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