beauty in everything

I think I disagree with the conclusion of this article, which paints an interesting political light in Iraq, and supposes that we may face defeat after all. But I figure it depends on how you define defeat. Then again, if Bush loses this year, it may well be that we’ll pull out of Iraq entirely, and to many that would seem a defeat. I would guess US victory hinges on the presidential election, but when you put it that way; of course I would prefer to see us defeated.

This reminded me I haven’t kept tabs with delobius lately. It’s hard to read a blog regularly when you really disagree with the way someone is living their life. Anyway, I saw that he’s posted quite a few photo galleries from his “mission”. (I couldn’t find an index.) A lot of his photography is gorgeous, and even the more mundane stuff is interesting (to me) because it’s a) a window into his life/military life, and b) full of places I’ve never been.

I found this photo particularly ironic.

So anyway, here’s wishing delobius well…

In other news, I’m working from home today. Despite (or perhaps in spite of) doing 3 loads of laundry (and counting!), writing this entry, and ripping multitudes of CDs to mp3, I feel I’ve been fairly productive.

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  1. It does seem weird that a guy who I can get along with so well on so many fronts has this one huge thing that bothers the piss out of me. Anyway, yes, I wish him well.
    As far as the war itself, I don’t think there is enough room to get into everything I think. We will suffer “defeat” to somebody no matter what hapens. I need to start my own planet. Nate World!!! No real rulers, just a nice list of rules which can be changed by my friends and I. Only people who are neat are invited. We will all get along and have as many DVD’s, video games, theater, music, as we want. Who wants in?

  2. As much as I was against this war before it’s started I have to admit that pulling troops out of Iraq now would be a big mistake. Maybe even bigger one then starting this whole mess. And yes many will see us defeated including evryone else in the world, including radicals of all sorts and the message will be “US is weak, let’s finish it off” Am I wrong?

  3. hmm… yes, I think you’re wrong pm. Even if that were the “perception” (hah!) that the rest of the world would have after we pull out of Iraq, who cares? (And I think it looks like we’re going to have to pull out at some point, unless the US wants to reinstate colonialism–I’m sure Bush would if he could get away with it.)

    Anyway, I’m just not sure how or why you think people would suddenly think us “weak” for pulling out… like they would think they’re actually “winning” or something? I mean, the US has the forces/millitary power to wipe the entire country from the face of the earth… and the only reason Bush hasn’t done so is because the rest of us have this little thing called a conscience. (which tells us when things are “bad”. Unfortunately, Bush, or someone near to him has figured out if he changes perception, he can call anything he wants bad and get away with attacking it.)

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