movies you should never watch

My list of movies that should never have been made was expanded by one last night with the addition of Audition, a Japanese movie about torture! Oh yes, you have to be a sick fuck to enjoy this one.

Other movies on this list (for those with the “What can I watch to help me become a serial killer?” question rattling around in their brains) include Vulgar (a movie about clown rape) and one I can’t remember the name of, and honestly haven’t even watched the whole way through because I got stuck on the ten minute rape scene.

Apologies to E who brought the movie over for yelling at the TV so much. She didn’t know it was going to be that bad.

2 Replies to “movies you should never watch”

  1. once again – i apologize. never will happen again. i swear!!! how was 24 hr theatre?

  2. The movie was Irriversable. Yes, it was way disturbing and hard to watch. It wasn’t as bad as Vulgar, though. At least Irreversable had a good story…

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