Mmmm… shower.

I can’t bring myself to update Norton Antivirus. It’s another $50 for a year’s worth of protection. It’s like paying for insurance. I never want to do it. I feel like insurance is legal racketeering.

Laura and I saw the faint tonight at First Ave. Their new album ($10 at the concert) is awesome so far.

This is my six hundred and first blog entry.

I’m trying to decide if my “remix” of jason’s poem counts as my poem for the day. I didn’t write any of the imagery, so I don’t really think it should count. But I’m going to be going to bed soon, so I don’t know if I’ll get around to writing another. Laura is waiting for me in the shower right now. She told me to wait a minute, then come in after her. Yummy.

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  1. i’m just going to ignore that last part and suggest that if it’s ever 11:59, and you havent sqeezed ot a decent pome yet, you can always resort to a kerouac style “american haiku”. they had no meter or syllable scheme. it can be like six words about the crap laying on the floor, and the brevity and clipped language makes anything sound profound. like so:

    pecan bag
    down the rat hole
    o my industrious brother

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