last day of nanowrimo – entry 5

Had to plug my laptop in just now and banged my forhead on a hanging lamp while doing so. I switched tables after my last entry, and am now situated in the corner at a table that is round and tiny. From this new vantage, I had a good view of the blonde and her boyfriend again. He has huge bicepts. (How do you spell bicep? Google has been no help.) But he left a good twenty minutes ago, and she is in the process of leaving now.

I have 1500 words left. I’m increasingly skeptical that I can finish my plot in 1500 words. I haven’t really started my conclusion or climax, and as I approach them, I keep second-guessing my outline. I almost deviated from it entirely, but decided almost impulsively to return to it instead. But while I was uncertain, I probaby stared at the same sentence for five minutes deliberating.

I just talked to my friend Fish, and he said I should just stop in mid-sentence when I get to 50,000. He thought the perfect ending would be “…and then he — THE END.”

PS, the word of the day is ‘increasingly’.