last day of nanowrimo – entry 6

Fuck! I haven’t hardly written anything at all since I last posted.

My friend tom showed up just now and we spent an hour or so talking and catching up. I’ve seen him here (at the spyhouse) a couple of times this last month. I was suppose to call him whenever I come here, (because he lives right next door) but I told him I haven’t because he is too distracting. He lamented the irony that when Nanowrimo is over I won’t have any reason not to call him, but I also probably won’t come to the spyhouse nearly as often.

We talked quite a bit about his Master’s thesis (in theater) that has to do with gender issues and juggling.

Firefox just crashed on me as I was writing this entry. This is the second time today. I may switch back to mozilla, even though it has a tendancy to crash on me too. I wonder what the problem is, and wish they would fix it. (My suspicion is that it’s related to the tabbrowser extention, which I don’t use on my laptop really anyway. I am uninstalling it now.)

A relatively attractive girl just sat down at the table with me, and I realized that the spyhouse has gotten crowded. I should probably leave soon, but I’m going to try and write another few hundred words before I do.