the entry I intended to write

I had intended to write an entry about how I got accepted into the fringe festival. I’m producing (and directing?) a show called Unicycle Theater, or maybe Unicycle Showcase. The show was originally conceived as a venue for some of the local world-champion unicyclists to showcase their nationals and international routines at the fringe. That, and I think fringe audiences would love a show with unicycling routines. They involve coreography and skills and as far as I know, nobody really even knows they exist. I mean, nobody outside the uniccycling community.

Anyway, I’d intended to link to the fringe festival website, but it appears to be down. I’d intended to check that website for the press release that supposedly was going to mention the unicycle show. (The emphasis oin the release was on diversity, I guess.)

Then I got all caught up in reading other people’s blogs, and had some other thing I was going to write instead. But when I got writing, what came out whas pretty much what I’d intended to write in the first place. Despite my intentions.