my blog is boring.

I have it on good authority that I have been “boring” lately. I realize this is fairly self evident.

I appologize.

That having been said, I never agreed to entertain you. ;)

I demand oral pleasure in equal amounts of that pleasure you have derived from me in the course of the reading of this blog! This pleasure should commense immediately!!! (Note: relatives and unattractive people are excluded from this demand, and are neither required nor expected nor allowed to comply with the above demand.)

I have no shame.

Tomorrow nate is going to teach me to snowboard.

3 Replies to “my blog is boring.”

  1. (hey…I posted a comment but I guess my italic tag annihilated it.)

    So…if I have a pleasure *deficit* after reading your blog, does that mean…? Wait, nevermind…XD

  2. Hmmm…I had no idea I had such a good authority! If I can cum from your blog I will definitly give you some back, but that hasn’t happened yet…

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