next is satan’s entry

That last entry’s poem was written back in November of 2002. I don’t really remember writing it at all. I only vaguely remember feeling dissatisfied with something about the prose, which explains why I just saved it as a draft and never looked at it again. The only reason I re-discovered it just now was that I noticed I had exactly 666 blog posts in livingtech. (So technically this is the 667th.) But I realized that there were no doubt one or two entries I’d saved as drafts and never actually published. Monitor this, was one of three, so that meant there were 663 live entries. It became the 664th, this is 665, and next up it’s a tribute to satan time… if I feel like it.

Anyway, the poem/entry was originally titled cosmic incapacitation, I actually cleaned it up quite a bit before changing the post status to “Publish”.

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