upside down pentagram comment spam

This is it, the six-hundred and sixty-sixth live livingtech blog entry. I’m about ready to sprout horns ala Legend or something.

I’ve been extremely reluctant to spend the tedious hours it would require to change all my old entries to comment status closed (or none) when I feel that the same task would take one (or maybe two) lines of SQL, and five minutes to perform on the command line. Unfortunately, I’m using the magical Berkley DB for livingtech’s movable type install, and there is no such thing as SQL in a Berkley DB. If only movable type provided an interface for this type of task… (Suddenly I have a plugin idea, and surely my time would be better spent hacking MT rather than watching the entry page reload literally six-hundred times or so.)

Needless to say, comment spam sucks. I get a few hundred every couple of days probably, which seems disproportionately high considering the fact that my blog cannot be that highly ranked on google. It’s not like anybody reads this thing. That combined with the plethora of actual spam I get in my inbox, I’m seriously considering switching primary domains. I mean, what is livingtech to me? It’s just a name. I could easily make up another one just as cool and interesting. Hell, I own, and am doing jack shit with that right now. So what do people think? Time to leave livingtech and find new digs for this blog?

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  1. It won’t save you. They will find you. I turned off anonymous comments and that pretty much killed all comment spam. Probably cuts down on actual comments, too, but it was worth it. Now I’m dealing with trackback spam but so far it is pretty manageable. You could also go the MT-Blacklist route which supposedly works very well.

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