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After you’re done ogling the newly announced Opera browser for Nintendo DS, take a look at this other article I ripped off from slashdot:The Top Ten Sci-Fi Films That Never Existed. Yes, I was pissed off that they copped out of writing 10, and combined 8-6 and 1-2, but it’s still a well written diatribe about how sci-fi films generally suck, and could be SO MUCH BETTER. Plus, after reading it, I started following the other article links at the bottom of the page, and have decided that A Pointless Waste of Time is my new favorite website. I haven’t found a source of geek humor this good since discovering Penny Arcade back when it was still funny.

Other wastes of time I heartily recommend:
A WoW World – I’ve been saying this for years.
One Trilogy to Rule Them All – Quantifying the suckiness.
The Great Porn Off – Porn is addicting? Who knew?
The Gamer’s Manifesto – What games should, and should not, be.

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