Missing Entries and Firefox Extensions

I don’t know how, but I’ve suddenly “lost” all my entries since last December. (What’s that like 4? …you might be asking yourself, but I’m not used to data loss, and it makes me paranoid and annoyed.)

Anyway, I’ve added a new tool to my arsenal of firefox extensions today.

FireBug is another web dev extension that I have this feeling I will find absolutely essential after a few more uses. It totally replaces the functionality (and poor UI) of the DOM inspector, and adds all kinds of other nifty features as well. (I’m particularly looking forward to using the step-through javascript debugger.)

Now that drag-and-drop tab re-ordering is in firefox by default, the only other extension I will still put on all my installs is the web developer toolbar, which I don’t actually use as a toolbar, since all the functionality is also available from the contextual menu.

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  1. Hi Marty,

    I’m currently doing a UI Review of the DOM Inspector which involves doing some user interviews. Would you be available to do a short email interview with me to find out a bit about what you do and don’t like with the DOM Inspector?



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