Long time no blog

Well, I was basically not blogging because Movable Type ate all those entries last year. Losing six months worth of blog posts was just about frustrating enough to put me off blogging forever. (But as it turns out, it really just put me off blogging for… oh, another six months or so.)

I guess there were other factors at work as well. For instance, I got engaged.

I also wrote a puzzle game.

Blogging on chesstris about puzzle games has made me want to start this thing back up again.

So anyway, I’m using Word Press now. Also, I found a whole shit-ton of my missing posts over at the wayback machine. I think if I wait long enough, they will probably have them all. Unfortunately, it’s been kind of a lot of annoying copy-pasting to get them into word press.

I have grand plans for replacing livingtech’s index with this blog. I’ll preserve all my old pages too, but clearly some of them will have to move.

More soon.

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