Common Quotation

Florence turned me on to the band Common Rotation way back when we first met. They’re an awesome folk-type band. Anyway, she’s also on their mailing list, and read me this hillarious quote last night:

There is a saying that can be traced to the great French scientist Jean-Read Boisseriely. It goes vaguely like this: if a woman learns to levitate an object with her mind, it doesn’t really matter how high off the ground it goes–as long as she’ll sleep with you.

I spent a good five minutes searching for this particular quote (or any reference to Jean-Read Boisseriely), and I’m 90% sure it’s totally made up.

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  1. Haha!! That is awesome! Even if it is made up that almost makes it that much cooler. They even made up a background story! That’s dedication…

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