There is no spoon. :(

I’ve never before understood how powerful and devastating it can be to lose a truly beloved pet.

On Tuesday night of this week, Florence and I arrived home, and as we walked in the door, we watched our cat Spoon start convulsing and die, right before our eyes. It happened extremely suddenly, and I cannot really express the sadness and helplessness that we both felt watching his last agonizing breaths wheeze out of him.

This post is one I’ve been composing in my head and meaning to write since that night, but (so far) this is only a fraction of what I meant to say. So maybe this is more of a placeholder. One thing I really want to do this weekend is post all my best pictures of Spoon to flickr, in a special commemorative set.

Rest in peace Spoon, you were loved. And you will be missed.

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