What effect if any does the changing of seasons have on the web? What
about the changing of days? Months? Hours? Hours are the most obvious
factor. Web time, internet time, online time…

no new mail.

no new mail.
no name on my datebooks
what an empty desolate

no potatos
no tomatos
no swing dance lessons
what subconscious patheticism

no signposts
no scapegoats
no pocket protecting prophets
no idea screaming sockets
what dreary savage

no network television yet
no cartoons or doodles
no subscription porn
no dreamtime crap
no science fiction fandom
what sad sad sad sad sad

Programming Poem in C++

while( scanf( "%look", days_ahead ) )
   if( I get up tomorrow )
         the terrible day will descend;
         screamf("Fuck you, terrible day!");
	   The terrible day will not descend;
	   I will lay beached on my bed;
	   a trembling sun will not hinder me;

18 wheel bitstreams.

18 wheel bitstreams.
Text is not enough anymore.
We’ve got to capture eye & ear,
mouth & mind.

Perfectly quotable,
text like thumbnails–
wet your whistle for words.
I’m an accounting machine
crunching out the numbers of intelect
and emotion.
Trouble is, you’ve got to understand both,
most don’t.

My lists are all you’ve got to chew on.

* * *

If it took you as long
to read this
as it takes me to write it,
you would understand

what I’m saying.

* * *

Jump on, it’s a freeway out there.
Ten-ton roller-derby
balls of static.
User interface universe.

Forms and fields

Forms and fields,
database detachment.
Why isn’t there a field for emotional disposition?
Is this any less urgent than favorite pet or color?
We are increasingly quantified by impersonal statistics.
Sociological downtide.
(Spirit of ASP.)

When this page is archaic,

When this page is archaic,
like a .txt file,
I’ll store it away
and look at it infrequently.

Poetry will truly be alive then,
writhing and swirling images
changing with your emotions.
The universe will be larger and more full
inside bytes of our digital kingdom.

Communication is the future.

Communication is the future.

When will poetry be recognized as a facet of that future?

When will our destinies mingle, twin selves?

Poetry is the efficiency of language that technology seeks. Unfortunately, poetry often talks of intellectual ideas that are complicated, and convoluted, twisted, and incomplete. We need ideas to match our language. Technology brings us closer to understanding. With understanding we can complete the jobs that poetry has begun.

In the future, we will talk of love…and make sense.

The World-Wide-Chicken

I read recently that the WWC, (the World-Wide-Chicken) took off running down the road. It was in a forwarded email–you know, the humor listserve stuff–all about different chickens and how they cross the road. There was the windows 98 chicken, “expected to cross the road in march, maybe April, for sure by September,” and various other system-chickens. Mostly, the email wasn’t all that funny, but the image of the world-wide-chicken has stayed with me for a few days. I keep thinking about it at unexpected times.

I place the desktop computer obsolete in ten to twenty years. They ought to be obsolete in five, but businesses are always slow to adopt the newest technologies. “What do we need ‘that’ for?” they ask. Then in another two years they are forced to buy the latest models or become dinosaurs. The point is that “monitors” and “keyboards” as we know them will not exist. (There will be other optical devices, like AR (augmented reality) goggles, and spoken commands will become more than a reality). You won’t need anything larger than a portable CD player to carry around today’s conventional PC, and anything truly heavy duty will be the size of today’s laptop.

Paste my words!

We live group lives, networks.

We live group lives, networks.
Every mind a node,
every mind made up of nodes.
Each shallow twist in our relationships
is the end of an integrated circuit.